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Beauty Indestructible

by Ashley Daneman

Editors’ Pick January 2015 DownBeat Magazine

“This is killer stuff that’s sure to resonate with the gypsy in your soul.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“A collection of nine original “spirit poems” scored and written by Daneman, existing as an intensely personal song cycle. Daneman addresses the fundamental healing power of love.” – C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

“A key theme to this program of nine original compositions is the notion that music can have a healing quality…the lyrics to “Think On Whatever Is Lovely” contain some phrases that would work well as a mantra to help someone get through a tough day.” – Bobby Reed, DownBeat Magazine

“Nearly 200 people donated to a Kickstarter campaign to get this album made, and to my ears they made a damned fine investment…Daneman has a clear purpose, and it’s not only to make lovely sounding music but also to incorporate a positive “healing” quality to it as well.” – Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast

“To each and every one of those contributors, “Thank You.” For Beauty Indestructible is a striking debut, full of strong, memorable, songs and performances…Some of the finest moments on Beauty Indestructible seem closer to the spirit of Laura Nyro – deeply personal and honest in their beauty.” – Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

“A stunning personal statement filled with strong melodies, lovely harmonies and the promise of redemption…a profound work of art that is so alive, so positive, and so blessedly musical.” – Richard Kamins, StepTempest